Finding the right company cultural fit

Work life

Have you ever wondered whether your workplace culture is the right fit for you?

Whether you're looking for a new role or happily settled in, have you ever thought about what it is that makes you really love, or really not love your job? It could be you're unhappy with the management style taken on at work, or it could be that you can't get enough of the flexi hours; the culture at work will determine how you fit in with the company. What are the most important work attributes for you?

Here are some things which can make or break your job and what you can do to maintain and improve your workplace culture:


The leadership style at your workplace can shape the culture of a company. For example, a culture of fear can be created when managers simply delegate tasks and an open, collaborative culture can be formed through managers motivating and encouraging tasks to be completed through teamwork. Find out what your manager's preferences are, their work style, how they like to communicate and adapt to it. Once you have worked out your company's leadership style you will be able to gain a stronger working relationship with your manager.

Blame culture

Working as a team enables better communication in the workplace, which improves the quality of work. A blame culture can be created when colleagues take credit for your work and everyone is working towards their own individual goals rather than prioritising the company's. If there is a blame culture in your workplace, why not show your professionalism and create a team culture yourself where everyone is encouraged to work together and be supportive?

Work-life balance

This is one of the biggest cultural challenges happening today in the workplace as companies vary from being really flexible, to not at all. And this can have a direct impact on the happiness of the employees. If you find yourself more often at work than not, it might be time to review:

a) Your workload

b) Your speed

c) Whether you need a hobby to get you out of work occasionally


You might think you're doing a great job and doing all you can and well, you just might be! But that doesn't mean your manager is seeing it. Sometimes managers may not realise how much value the work you do is adding to the business and may forget that you are capable of taking on much more responsibility. It can be a difficult journey to the top, especially when company cultures don't put progression at the forefront of their priorities. Find out what your manager is working on and always be prepared to deliver to stay ahead, this will allow them to see that your hard work deserves to be rewarded. Work alongside them to show you're supporting them.

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