Four must read tips to make your summer pay

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It's almost here. The days are longer, the mornings are brighter and you're waking up with a spring in your step. Your exams are over for the most part, and you've got months ahead of you of blissful freedom. The only problem is you're skint!

Now there are lots of ways you can enjoy your holiday without money but let's be honest, when the sun's out, you want to be able to go out and spend. It's not all gloom though, there are plenty of ways that you can make some summer cash without submitting to months of a 9-5. And the beauty of a temporary role is that you get paid weekly, so you can treat your summer like a pay-as-you-go.

Here are our top tips for landing yourself a summer job without ruining your summer!

1) Shift it up

Taking a temporary role that involves shift work might not be your first go-to thought, but do take a moment to think about it. By working for a few hours in the morning each day, you'll be earning enough money to really enjoy your afternoons. You don't even have to work 5 days a week, lots of temporary roles that use shift work offer a more flexible schedule. It could be the perfect way to earn your way through this summer.

2) It's only temporary

A temporary job could be the ticket for you. Whilst normal office hours might not sound like the best way to spend your holiday, a temp role could give you the freedom to work full time for a few weeks and then enjoy spending the spoils! This is a particularly good route to take if you've got a long stretch of summer or if you're saving up for something big. Looking for a last minute holiday? If you take a summer temp job for a few weeks, you've got it paid for!

3) Experience counts

Another good thing to consider is what you're planning to do after you finish studying. If you know what direction you want to take your career in, why not use a free summer to clock in some vital experience? Competition for roles is high, so if you're the candidate with some relevant previous experience your application will really stand out. Look at summer cover jobs in the area you'd like to move into, and you could make some great contacts as well as some summer cash.

4) Enjoy the outdoors!

It's so rare that we get those few weeks of fabulous English summer, so we can understand your reluctance to waste any of it. But this doesn't mean we can't find the perfect job for you! If you're a bona fide sun worshipper and want to make the most of it, why not work at a local summer festival or outdoors events company? You'll get all the sunshine you can ask for, and earn at the same time. With so many summer events taking place there's plenty of opportunity, and you might even be able to get in some great music too.

Want to make your summer pay? For the latest summer jobs and temporary vacancies, call your your local Brook Street branch.