Top 5 interview mistakes

Interview advice

The competition for jobs is getting fierce and you will always be up against other talented candidates. Making sure you're remembered by the interviewer for all the right reasons will ensure you stand out from the other candidates. Whether this is your first experience of an interview or you're an interview veteran, you'll be surprised how much a little mistake can lessen the chances of getting that dream job.

Here are the top 5 common interview mistakes to avoid:

Being late If it's not acceptable to turn up to work late, then the same goes for your interview day. You need to make a good first impression and being late is certainly not a good way to set the tone for an interview. Plan your journey ahead and arrive at least 15 minutes early.

Dressing inappropriately Show your professional side and opt for smart office wear (unless there is a particular dress code for the company you're going for). Make sure your hair is tidy and don't overload on the accessories.

Unprepared The best way to be confident throughout your interview is knowing you are well prepared and you've done your research. Research on the company background, their values & vision, the market and competitors. This will show the interviewer you have made an effort to take an interest in the company and not just the role itself. You should also make sure you fully understand the role on offer and think about how you can show them you are the most suitable candidate.

Criticising previous employer No matter how bad your last job was, avoid discussing the negative aspects of that job. Talking negatively about your previous employer will indicate that you are disloyal and shows your poor ability to handle conflicts professionally, which will blow your chances of being hired. Instead, emphasise what you learnt from your previous role and how you overcame setbacks; these are the skills they will want you to bring into the new role.

Asking no questions When the interviewer asks you do you have any further questions? take this opportunity to find out more about the company and role. You can ask them about what kind of challenges you will be given, what projects they are currently working on and if there is anything else the interviewer would like to know about you. Avoid asking any questions about pay, benefits and holidays.

Avoiding these mistakes is a sure-fire way of making sure you at least have a good chance of being considered for the role. But is there more that you could do to secure your dream job?

Check out our video on how to prepare for interview success to make sure youre well prepared for the day.