How to build your personal brand in a job search

Career development, CV advice

What do the Beckhams, Kardashians and Ben & Jerry's ice cream all have in common?

They've established themselves as desirable brands, and now they're reaping the rewards. Ok, when it comes to creating your own brand it might not be as high profile, but it can drive rewards all the same. It's important to get a firm understanding of who you are as an individual, what you're passionate about, where you see yourself in the future and how your skills and talent can be put to good use. Even as you're looking for a new job, these values will help sell you as a brand to potential employers who are looking for that special someone.


The first step in a job search is defining who you are - what makes you the best candidate for the role? Here are some questions you can think about:

  • USP What makes you unique? Think of a unique selling point about yourself that would set you apart from other candidates. It could be an extracurricular activity or your biggest achievement, or even a soft skill like your tenacity or communication skills.
  • Strengths & weaknesses Identifying your own strengths means you can pinpoint what exactly it is you're good at and make sure you show it off. Weaknesses are just as important; think about your weak areas and figure out a way to improve them to become the best candidate possible.
  • Personality The likelihood is that hundreds of other candidates with the same education and experience as you will be applying for the same role. The question is how can you stand out? You may have a polished set of skills and experience and have the highest grades on your CV, but without a personality you're just a textbook! Don't be afraid to show your personality and add a bit of flair to your application.

Put it on paper

Once you have figured out how you want to market yourself, the next step is to ensure this is reflected onto your CV and cover letter. Ensure you add everything that will set you apart from other candidates onto your CV as it will help get your CV to the top of the pile.

Social Media

Now that you have built your personal brand, here is how you can reflect it to your employer and promote yourself.

Did you know a third of employers have turned down candidates because of their profiles on social media? Maintaining a good social media reputation is essential when you're looking for a job as employers now Google prospective employees. Carefully pick and choose what you post and share on social media and be cautious of whether this may cost you your dream job. Instead you can use social media to reflect what's on your CV and show off your communication skills. Having a LinkedIn profile can boost your reputation as a candidate as it shows you are getting involved in networks and groups.

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