Handling your appraisal

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There’s no better opportunity to big yourself up and to show your line manager how you’re performing at work than in an appraisal. It’s also a chance for you to talk about your future ambitions and how you can achieve them with some well thought out objectives put in place.

Here’s how you can get the most out of your appraisal:

Time to evaluate - Get out your job description and evaluate your recent performance. Think about what you’re doing well at work and what you could improve on.

Think of your accomplishments - Prepare a list of the things you’ve achieved at work. Which recent projects or tasks have you excelled within and why did they succeed? Use your achievements to show how you’ve added value to the team.

Share your goals and aspirations - What do you want to achieve at work? What are your career goals? It might be that you’re already working towards a promotion or that you’re looking to up skill. This is the perfect opportunity to request for additional training, mentoring or support to help you achieve your goals.