Adaptable workforce continuity strategies for uncertain times

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This month many companies find themselves in a previously unimaginable situation. Between new remote working protocols, updated onboarding procedures and increasing HR requirements, workforce demands are changing at a rapid pace.

As we work together to navigate the many challenges that COVID-19 creates, ManpowerGroup is committed to providing our clients with evolving Workforce Continuity solutions. We can serve as a strategic extension of your organisation, by offering the following options to help you react, respond, retain and recover during this time of change.

Candidate Selection Ownership:

Limit unnecessary visitors by allowing ManpowerGroup to manage candidate selection versus an onsite interview. Clients all over the world outsource these decisions each day under standard operating procedures, as they value our proven performance system and choose to leverage our screening expertise. 

Onboarding/Orientation Support:

If your orientation process is becoming a challenge due to the need to limit non-essential onsite workers, let us drive that process offsite or remotely for candidates. Promoting position knowledge and job preparedness is something we do best. From creating a virtual tour to guiding new starts through job specific safety protocols, we have the resources and expertise to support you.

Increase Absenteeism Response:

ManpowerGroup is here to help you maintain the level of workforce needed to meet your organisational goals. In the coming days and weeks, we anticipate increases in our clients’ needs to cover both short and long-term labour gaps. We can work hand-in-hand with your team to weather a forecast that will likely change daily. Through close collaboration, we can provide a pipeline of talent based on your needs in real time.

Preparedness Pipelining:

As many of our clients require post-offer screenings that can take several days to complete, there are some scenarios where creating a pre-screening pipeline can be of tremendous value. When unexpected or heavy absenteeism occurs, you need cover immediately. We can help you do just that through the creation and management of the appropriate talent pools.

Payroll Services:

In this time of uncertainty, organisations may pause hiring due to fear of the unknown. This approach will likely result in the loss of talent, which continues to be challenging to recruit in today’s market. As an alternative approach, ManpowerGroup can temporarily payroll these candidates to keep them engaged and involved with your organisation until the time to hire permanently is right.

Direct Hire Support:

Organisations are losing access to recruiting resources like public job fairs, while HR leaders are being pulled away from hiring to manage new challenges in the face of COVID-19. Don’t let these obstacles diminish your professional hiring efforts. Lean on our industry leading permanent placement team and add our skills to your strategy to attract and identify the best talent.


Whilst some organisations are unable to provide work for talented individuals during this difficult period, many others are looking to scale up their workforce to meet increasing needs. We can support you with the temporary redeployment of your workforce to help both you and your employees, at the same time supporting other organisations to deliver key services during this critical time.

Contact us today to learn how ManpowerGroup’s Workforce Continuity Solutions could benefit your company.