Race ahead with your job search

Career advice

Just like the Grand Prix, your job search is a race for the prize. You're competing against others and going in laps every time you apply for a new role and go to interviews. The competition for jobs is getting fierce, which means it'll be difficult to stand out against other candidates. But with our top tips you can be the Lewis Hamilton of your job search and lap the other candidates!

Don't get discouraged or let yourself fall behind, these key pointers will make sure that you're keeping ahead in your job search:

Tidy up your CV

Make sure that you've brushed up your CV with your latest contact information, education and experience. An employer looks at a CV for mere seconds before moving on, so you need to make sure that your main achievements and key experience stand out. Also look out for any grammar and spelling mistakes, it's always useful to have someone else read over your CV just to double check it's all correct.

If you're stuck on how to lay out your CV, try our handy CV templates - we've done the hard work for you!

Tidy up your LinkedIn

Sometimes, an employer will Google your name if they think you could be a suitable candidate, so the first thing you want make sure is that your LinkedIn profile is in good shape. Start by making sure it reflects your CV and shows the employer your interest in different networks and their industry. Always try to keep up-to-date on the latest industry information and share posts and articles which relate to the jobs you're applying for, this will show you have a wider interest which can impress the employer before you've even spoken to them. You should also make sure your social media is up to scratch and that you're happy with your security settings.

Register for job alerts

Rather than spending endless nights looking for jobs, why not register for job alerts? This is the quickest way to receive the latest jobs and be one of the first candidates to apply. You snooze, you lose! Luckily, Brook Street can email you the latest jobs we have available, from permanent to temporary; we have a range of local jobs to offer which can help you reach that finish line in your job search.

Speak to your recruiter

Brook Street has been matching candidates with their ideal job for over 70 years now, so you can trust us to find a role that's right for you. Your local recruitment expert will help you with your job search, give you the career advice you need and find a role for you in no time.

One of these roles could be yours sooner than you think! So get in touch with your local branch today or search our vacancies online.