Do you need more training in your job?

Career development

Have you considered increasing your knowledge and skills in your current job? The job market is increasingly competitive and with a shortage of skills in the UK it's key to stay ahead and sharpen up your skills at every opportunity. Speed ahead in your career by taking the initiative to get more training.

Whether you want more training because you're working towards a promotion or if you simply want to gain more valuable skills, the answer will never be no. Its all about the way you approach the situation. If you are looking for training, have you ever thought about how best to approach it?

What kind of training do you want?

This is the first question you will need to ask yourself. You will need to research your options and think about what you think will help you improve as a professional. Once you have figured out what training you want, think about all the benefits so you can convince your manager how valuable this training will be not only for yourself, but your team and organisation too.


Start to browse your options in terms of accessing this training. Perhaps its something your manager or a mentor within your company can help you with, or perhaps it's much broader where there is a course available to undertake outside of work. Doing your research is the best way to convince your manager that you know exactly why you want this training and how you can get it. It's all about getting them on your side and reviewing the possibilities and benefits.


Once you have made a firm decision on the training you want, it is important not to forget that in order to receive more training to up-skill, you will need to be doing your job to a good standard first. Show commitment to your job by going the extra mile when you can as this will show your manager that once you gain these new skills, they will not need to fear you leaving the organisation to go elsewhere.

Actions speak louder than words

To want training is one thing, but to put the training into practice at work is another thing. Make sure you follow through every time you receive new training by putting everything into action. Why not create a list of things your training will help you with and implement those as you go along? This will be a great way to show your manager the training you are receiving is beneficial to both yourself and the team.

Who knows, using this kind of initiative may even mean you could eventually be considered for a promotion?

Asking for extra training isn't easy; but the benefits far outweigh the risk of asking! If you're struggling, we've put together some handy email templates that you can use to send to your boss! Download your template here.