Starting a new job and how to succeed

Career advice

When you’re starting a new job it’s easy for those first day jitters to get the better of you. Your thoughts on your first day at work might be trying to remember names of your colleagues, taking in lots of new information, or working out where the post room might be. The start of your new job is the best time to take in as much information as possible. In many cases when you start a new job, you’re hitting the ground running with no time to take a step back and think about what you’re seeing/experiencing/doing. And by the time you’ve got to grips with it you’re already well into work-mode. As well as this hour-by-hour guide on how to navigate your day, here’s are just a few ways to make your first day on the job a great success, according to our Consultant Sasha Rieks, who joined Brook Street last year.

  • Sleep – sounds simple enough although usually hard to do if there's a lot on your plate. Some people find drifting off to music relaxing, or avoiding too many electronics before bed to help aid sleep. 
  • Get to work early –  it makes all the difference to be prepared in the morning, stay one step ahead by being 15 minutes early.
  • Structure your morning – chances are your first day will be full on and a routine won't be achieavable. But as soon as you start to settle in think about your routine and how you can start to bring some normality to your day. Things like, clearing your inbox first thing, or making a to-do list before you leave for the day. Even when you might want to factor in your breaks. this will help your day to feel more manageable as you break it out. 
  • Use a planner—you will forget everything and anything unless you write it down. Like the point above, make a quick list of things you need to do at the beginning of your day or at the end and you’ll build on it or cross things out as the day goes on. 
Throughout the day
  • Maintain an enthusiastic and positive attitude. Ask yourself, how can I make a difference in the office today?
  • Keep an open and honest relationship with your manager and coworkers. This will produce a productive working environment, paving the way for a supportive, strong team.
  • Stay connected – if anyone is running late, feeling ill, or planning a holiday, let the team know! Staying in the loop will keep everyone up-to-date and prepared, ensuring production as usual.
  • Set personal deadlines – this will help you manage expectations set by your manager and your workload.
End of the day
  • Close down meeting – this can be an individual, or team, effort and is a great way to talk about your success, struggle, and progress of the day.
  • Strive to see the bigger picture and how things connect – what difference did you make today? Don't be afraid to ask for feedback from your line manager. 
  • Ask questions, ask for help and most importantly, breathe!

Everything is a learning experience in a new job. You will have peaks and troughs, but hopefully your manager and your new team will be there to support you and help you grow. As long as you keep the end goal in mind and work harmoniously with your team, you will adapt skills to keep striving for bigger and better things! For more advice on starting a new job or career advice, our consultants are always on hand to offer youthe advice you need. Contact us today 

Written by Sasha Rieks, from our High Wycombe branch.